Terms and Conditions:


Our services are bound with some important terms and conditions. Please read them carefully, that show the obligations, rights, and restrictions regarding the offered Service. You must agree to abide by them before using the services. If you disagree to be obligated by the Terms, Conditions, and all applicable laws, you must not use the Service.

The terms may be changed any time and the amended terms will be effective when it reflects in the services. With your continuous use, it is understood that you are agreed to the latest updated terms.

Our different service platforms are designed to give outstanding customer service experience. Our organized data shows customer service experiences across the entire industry to our users and visitors to our service.

By using any services you agreed that you have carefully read the terms and conditions. You are legally fit as per applicable laws that include legal age as well.

There is no requirement to register if you want to do the basic search with the service. In case you have queries, data, want to comment, share responses, and any other information and the copyrightable task or associated trademarks. You can check our privacy policy for detailed information that explains the registration process and how your details are being protected. To sustain the Services, you must honor the payment obligations to which you have agreed.

Please note that we always put our best efforts to curate the entire information that we get from others. However, we cannot guarantee that the information about the product or service is precise and error-free. In case, you want to discontinue the service, we request you to inform us by sending an email at info@callhumano.com.

Your Details:

It is your responsibility to share correct and up to date personal information with us. At any point of time, we may perform a verification check on your provided information. It is your sole responsibility to create a secure password and protect it from any unauthorized access. Please report us immediately, in case you found that your user name, password, or any other identifying details have been stolen, lost, or otherwise compromised.

You agreed to be responsible for any loss, claim, or damage that may take place from the other person’s use of this service that you shared your user id, password, or any other identifying particulars with or by someone who has taken your information maliciously. You will be in charge of any activity that takes place under your account

Using and providing Information:

You  are agreed to the following terms whenever you are contributing to the data of our service:

  1. Your information is public during the service.
  2. You will not impersonate, threaten, abuse, or harass other people while using the service.
  3. Your account details like your display name may still (or ever) reflect by search engines like Google even if your information is deleted at our end.
  4. You will share decent and precise information.
  5. The content you post must comply with the applicable laws that include copyright law.
  6. We reserve the right to remove any inaccurate, obscene, offensive, objectionable, or any inappropriate information without any notice to you.
  7. We reserve the right to disclose any information that needs to be shared with or disclosed to any governmental, administrative, regulatory, or judicial authority under any law or regulation applicable to the Company.
  8. You show and warrant that you are authorized to use your content or data and you are authorized to use personal information of an identifiable person and You have permission to grant all the rights mentioned in these terms
  9. The use of your content or data as contemplated by these terms will not violate any privacy, intellectual property, contract, or any other right of any entity or person. You will subject to liability if you submit content or data without having the authority to submit the same for use.
  10. You are responsible for your content, data, and performance on the service. We are not liable if your content or data is being used by us as per` these terms. You warrant that you have all the necessary rights and authority to grant the rights granted herein to any of your submitted content or data.
  11. We reserve the right to modify or adapt your content or data to meet technical and design requirements (or for any other reason) of the service. It is your responsibility to retain original documents of your content or data.
  12. All your content or data always belongs to you. you retain all the rights and copyright that you already have in your content or data. However, by providing your content or data to us via posting, uploading, or any other means, you permit us a royalty-free worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, irrevocable, sully paid, sub-licensable and transferrable license to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, perform, display and otherwise fully exploit.
  13. Your license rights or other ownership in your content or data including the right to permit additional licenses to the material(s) in your content or data, except agreed in writing doesn’t get affected by the foregoing license.
  14. When we sublicense your content or data to any third party(ies), we will encourage them to attribute you along with us.  However, you are agreed that this may not always be possible as per the context.

Get a better understanding of how your private and public information is used and protected by reviewing our privacy policy

Terms and Conditions for Deletion of your content or data:

If you want to unsubscribe our services at any time, send us an email at info@callhumano.com. Once we receive your request to unregister, we will make the best efforts to remove your public account details. Your account will get disabled that will anonymizes your content or data but will not delete it automatically.

We cannot guarantee the complete deletion of your content or data. Since other Aadi Infratech users may have used your content or data, deletion or editing your content or data may not be possible once you have shared it with us.

We may observe and review your account along with your content, data, and activities for compliance purposes with these terms. We may disable or delete your account or content and data for any reason that includes but is not limited to violation of terms, or verbal, written, physical or other forms of abuse to another user, employee, member, or officer or any alleged infringement.

The Company has the right to reclaim any username under any business or individuals that have a legal claim or trademark on that username. There is no guaranteed access to your account or your content or data. We also have the reserved right to recover any inactive usernames (for more than 6 months).

Terms and Conditions for Guidelines, Fees, Rights, and Remedies

Permitted Use of the Service

The registered or unregistered users may access this service that includes using the iOS and Android mobile applications. No user can change the service or any part of it without our consent in writing.

Our service is free of cost. However, we appreciate the generosity of our users for tips or donations to improve our service. We process our payments through a third party payment processor and cannot be responsible for their software.

The fees may be charged from you by your mobile carrier for the services. For example – data transfer fees.

You agree to use this service to view or post customer service information only. Users agree to not use the service for any other purpose except the mentioned one. You are not allowed to post, download, upload, submit or otherwise distribute or facilitate distribution of content or data on or through the Service for any purpose:

  1. That violates or infringes on the rights of any third party,
  2. That is harmful, unlawful or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate as observed by us
  3. that transmits any unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements, schemes, spam, solicitations, flooding, or bulk e-mail, other unsolicited spam or commercial communications
  4. that transfer any harmful software viruses or damaging computer files, codes, or programs
  5. that gathers e-mail ids or personal details of the users from us
  6. that try to get unauthorized access to our Service.
  7. that impersonates any entity or person (of any employee of Aadi Infratech)
  8. that affects our entire operation of service or any other person’s ability to use and access this Service.
  9. We can deny your access to this service at any time in our sole discretion and even without any prior notice.
  10. Intellectual Property Rights Terms and Conditions
  11. We own all intellectual property rights of the service. No other person or identity can reproduce a similar service or any part of the service. This also includes duplicate service, copied service, selling service, reselling service, or in other exploited ways for business purposes without our consent in writing. This will be considered as breaching our IP rights. without our express written consent, you are not allowed to:
  12. redesign or utilize framing techniques to use any artistic work,  designs, logo, trademark, or other proprietary.  Information (that includes, text, images, page design, or form) and business imaginary.
  13. utilize our trademark or business name to use any meta tags or any other “hidden text”
  14. even try to decompile, decipher, reassemble or disassemble or make any other act to derive the source code or algorithms or ideas of any part of the entire service.
  15. modify or create derivative work of any part of the service.
  16. The permission you have to use the service gets terminated if:
  17. you modify the content or any part of it.
  18. use the content for any other purpose.
  19. make unauthorized use.

The entire content of our Services like images, graphics, logos, text, button icons, digital downloads, audio clips, software, and data compilations is the property of Aadi Infratech and it is protected by Indian copyright laws

General Information

Terms and Conditions for Links to other websites:

For your convenience, the Service may provide links to other products or services. However, We are not responsible for any content, product, or services available at the linked websites since we do not endorse, sponsor, approve, or control them.

If you are using the service it is clearly understood that you acknowledge and agree that we will not be liable to you for any claims, loss, or damages from the use of linked websites. It is recommended to read each linked website’s terms and conditions and privacy policy to use their respective product or services.


In our sole discretion, we may suspend or terminate your access to all or part of the Service. The restrictions regarding content appearing on the Service, and the representations and warranties, indemnities, and limitations of liabilities outlined in these Terms will survive termination. If you are unsatisfied with our services, you can terminate your use of the Service.

Limited time for the claim:

You agree that any claim related to the service or site must be started within one year after the claim accrues, otherwise, such cause of action will be permanently barred.

Grievances Handling:

If you have any complaints or concerns or you want to report any breach of terms. You can write to us at info@callhumano.com.

Applicable Law

All the terms are designed under the laws of India. In case any dispute arises, you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of courts in New Delhi.